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      Philosophy & Services

      Bath, Kitchen renovations and carpentry  in  Hernando County and the surrounding areas.

      One thing that chaps our coveralls here at Grumpy Old Guy Construction Company LLC is when service handymen and other contractors  make a promise they know they won’t be able to keep. Rest assured, we are not one of those companies that say they can do something and then never call back, not show up, or half finish the job! We’ve made a name for ourselves in the Hernando County area by offering a diverse range of services at reasonable prices. Whether it's a quoted or an hourly project we will treat you fairly and stand behind our work. Call today for a quote and put our commitment to the test.

      More Services

      The Grumpy Old Guy Philosophy

      The folks at Grumpy Old Guy Construction Company LLC believe in sticking to what you’re good at. We happen to be good at everything from minor home repairs and carpentry to whole-home renovations. We provide written estimates for all major projects, a contract upon commencement of the work, and a one-year limited warranty upon completion. What’s more, we will never forget that we are guests in your home and will treat your property and belongings with the utmost care and respect. Let us quote your next home improvement project in Hernando County , FL.

      Our services

      • Attic Ladder Installation & Replacement
      • Bath Renovations
      • Cabinet Installation
      • Carpentry
      • Door and Window Installation
      • Drywall Installation & Repair
      • Kitchen Renovations
      • Tile & Wood Floors
      • ...and a Whole Lot More!

      If your project is not listed, please contact us anyway. If Grumpy Old Guy Construction Company LLC cannot perform the particular service you need, we will refer you to someone who can.

      Client reviews

      Old doors and windows letting in drafts? Get energy-efficient new ones. Call for a quote!

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